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Learning often happens in classrooms but it doesn’t have to. Use Eduflow to facilitate learning experiences no matter the context.


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Multi Instructors

Enhancing Collaboration and Scaling Classes with Multiple Instructors Empowering collaboration among multiple instructors within the same course not only fosters a dynamic learning environment but also enables the scalability of the class.

Allowing multiple instructors in a course facilitates enhanced collaboration by leveraging diverse expertise and perspectives. This enriches the learning experience and provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


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Zoom, Google Classroom 

Gradebook, Multi Instructor

Google Meet, Course Bundle



Course Bundle

Create course bundles and sell multiple courses together. Elevate course sales by bundling courses.

Multi Instructors

Allow multiple instructors in the same course to improve collaboration. Scale the site up!

Google Meet

Easily conduct video meetings for your courses and individual lessons with Google Meet.

Google Classroom

Share classroom posts and other stream posts directly within the Tutor  course page.


Host live online classes. Students can attend live classes right from the lesson page.


Generate in-depth statistics of courses, sales, students, and more on your eLearning site.

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Start selling your online  courses to students.upgrade your teaching leavel by having interactive classroom live teaching from anywhere 

  • Content Drip

Schedule lessons, quizzes, and assignments for publishing at specified times.

  • Course Preview
    Set any lesson as a preview for potential students to try out before buying.
  • Prerequisites
    Specify which course(s) a student must complete before enrolling in a particular course.
  • Course Attachments
    Add unlimited attachments or private files to any of your courses.


  • E-Mail
    Send out automated and customized emails on various  triggered events.
  • Calendar
    Let students see assignments’ due date, upcoming ones, and more in a wonderful event calendar.
  • Notifications
    Get and serve notifications on assignments, quizzes, Q&A, enrollments, instructorship, and more.
  • Quiz Export/Import
    Save time by exporting and importing quiz data easily. Be more efficient!
  • Certificate
    Generate verifiable certificates that the students get after their course completion.
  • Assignments
    Create assignments to evaluate the understanding of the students and their perception.





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Learning often happens in classrooms but it doesn’t have to. Use Eduflow to facilitate learning experiences no matter the context.

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